basketballMAUI Assemblies

basketballMAUI is a local nonprofit whose main goal is to partner with those who care about our youth. That makes Maui’s public and private schools the perfect partner. Our time and energy is spent in an effort to equip your students with the tools and character qualities that will help to give them a hope and a future. As our name indicates, we use basketball as our vehicle to reach this goal.


We hold assemblies no charge to your school, and run about 60 minutes. Our assemblies run about 60 minutes. It is helpful, (but not necessary) to gather on a basketball court for the assembly and we encourage participation from students and teachers. When available, we bring along local High School basketball players to demonstrate skills.

It is our aim to teach character qualities that will have a substantial impact on a student’s life both now and in the future; in and outside the classroom.


Our assemblies address important topics such as; responsibility, bullying, peer pressure, say no to drugs and alcohol, respect; for self, others and authority, the importance of reading and staying in school, along with others personal and relational concerns. We are able to schedule assemblies, upon request.


To request a basketballMAUI assembly at your school, contact us.